Get in touch with your creative side

“A relaxed mind is a creative mind.” – Yogi Tea

One of my favorite things about yoga is the ability to cultivate new ideas and creative thinking. If you’re like me, you are not always able to find outlets of creativity in your 9-5 office job (or while waiting tables, chasing kids, etc,) and you begin to feel quite deprived of your personal sense of expression.  Sometimes, it is great to take a night off from the mat and allow yourself time to let that creativity soar whether you spend some time writing a silly poem about a 3-legged elephant, dance around the house in your undies to Glee mash-ups, or dig into a crayon box to color Disney Princess books with your three-year-old. Whatever your creative outlet may be: do it! Find the time; it’s there somewhere, just find it!

I spent yesterday evening at my mom’s house, surrounded by a number of my siblings, to spend some creative time together. Getting crafty on your own is fun, but crafting with other minds is such a blessing. In yoga, you experience something so powerful when the entire class is jointly engaged in the mantras or making ridiculous faces together while in lion’s breath. It’s a unity of energy that completely amplifies your experience. I would have to say that painting (or dancing or writing or whatever) with others is such a great practice! You really feed off the creativity of others and there is a quiet encouragement to complete your project and not give into the imperfections crying out at you to stop. We all followed the same tutorial video (Mixed Media Mondays) and our results were entirely different:

Top left: my mom, top right: me, bottom left: my 5-year-old sister, bottom right: my 18-year-old sister

It was a blast to “play” together and see how unique our own creativity is. Best part: I was completely at ease with my life and the stresses of the day. I felt grounded and accomplished.

I really want to encourage everyone to find some time this week (and hopefully every week) to get creative. Find twenty minutes, an hour, any amount of time you can and do something you love! Then, tell me about it. Post a comment or send me a picture of what you did to access some creativity in your life (time to actually make something you’ve pinned on Pinterest)!