Morning Check List:

Clothed? Ah sufficiently

Keys? Yep just found ’em

Coffee cup? FULL

Sanity? Sanity?

and we have a runner…

Saw this quote this morning and had to laugh. I seriously cursed my way out of bed this morning after tucking in much too late and having battled with my lab all night (he decided between 2-3 am was the best time of day to play fetch with himself on the bed…)! 

I had my first night of yoga teacher training last night and loved it! Although, I am a little freaked out about the amount of time it is going to consume and the lack of sleep I will be getting Thursday and Friday evenings. But hey, how can one find success without making a few sacrifices? 


But, honestly, thank God for Fridays and coffee!

I hope y’all have an amazing weekend. I’ll be heading up to Williams, AZ suuuuper late tonight to visit my sister-in-law and I cannot wait to share pictures with y’all of beautiful northern Arizona!