Birthday Present: Bedroom Makeover

“Today is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Feeling loved today with a life-size cake and new jewelry
Feeling loved today with a life-size cake and new jewelry

Whelp, today is my birthday! I have a feeling twenty three is gonna be a good year. I am so excited to share my birthday gift this year: a bedroom renovation. Over this past weekend, I have spent long hours with the help of family to finally turn my bedroom into a sanctuary for me and my husband. The gift of time is so precious and I am grateful for family members who dedicated the time this weekend to help me while hubby was out hunting.

Take a look at my bedroom before the makeover. I HATED the white walls and lack of décor. I feel like I have put off doing anything fun in my room because no one sees it. I am thankful I took the time the paint the furniture over a year ago, because that is the only color and décor existing in the room throughout these pictures.


Honestly, spending an entire weekend laboring over a renovation does not sound like a fun birthday present to some people, but I loved it! My younger sister practically spent the entire weekend with me and we had a blast staying up way too late and getting a serious arm work out painting. Best part: singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs the entire time. We may be adults now, but we can never act like grown ups when we are together.

I used the color “Perfect Taupe” by Behr. Their paint and primer in one is a great time saver!

My in-laws came over on Sunday to help me with a big project: a pallet headboard. I came up with the idea after looking at this post on and my engineering father-in-law created his own version. I had these pallets left over from my wedding which my sister-in-law made for me and they’re really special, so I wanted to find a way to keep them in a useful way. The headboard idea was perfect! My dad also sacrificed his Sunday to help me (and I mean sacrifice, as I didn’t turn football on)! He showed me how to attached the headboard and get all of my decorations up on the wall.

I love my family! Seriously, the gift of time is greater than anything one could buy in the store! #blessed

It was a lot of hard work, but it totally paid off. Now I have a comfy room to relax in and enjoy a book on the new love seat. When hubby came home from hunting, he was really impressed with the room which made it all even better! All in all, I spent about $400.00 on the room upgrades ($100 on paint and supplies, $150 on new bedding, pillows, etc., $100 on a love seat, and $50 on all the extra construction items, frames and what not). I love to have a beautifully decorated home, but I also encourage functionality. The dog kennels are still in the room and will remain, but that’s life! It is impractical sometimes to look like a Home and Garden magazine 24/7 🙂

The frame above the headboard is from World Market and features our wedding vows. The navy pillows and bedding were purchased on Amazon and the middle pillow was bought at Walmart.
The frame above the headboard is from World Market and features our wedding vows. The navy pillows and bedding were purchased on Amazon and the middle pillow was bought at Walmart.
I was so excited to get a love seat for reading and a storage spot for my pillows (rather than the floor). The pillows and throw quilt are from World Market and we purchased the couch for $100 on craigslist. The wall is decorated with pieces from our wedding.
I was so excited to get a love seat for reading and a storage spot for my pillows (rather than the floor). The pillows and throw quilt are from World Market and we purchased the couch for $100 on craigslist. The wall is decorated with pieces from our wedding.

I think it’s important that we have places in the home that are just for us. The rest of the world may not enter our bedroom all the time to enjoy it, but that’s okay! The space is OURS and we get to enjoy the coziness all be ourselves. I think it is worth the time to make your own mini getaway within the home.

The day is young and I am off to enjoy more birthday fun. If you have questions about my bedroom renovation, please comment and I will be sure to respond!

xoxo Taryn

Confession: I am burnt out


Good morning y’all. (WARNING: Today’s post is full of pinterest quotes…. lovin’ it)

So I’m finally making a blog post. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve been pretty busy, but I have had time to write. It honestly just came down to a lack of desire to write about anything, or do anything at all. Mostly, because what has been weighing heavily on my mind is not something I really want to speak about publicly. But here I am, and I have a confession to make: I’m burnt out. And on top of being burnt out, I’m slipping back into depression, eating terribly, and complaining constantly. I’ve developed a bad attitude.

I’m been afraid to write about thing because I started this blog months ago when I started my yoga teacher training, with high hopes of encouraging others to lead a lifestyle that is healthy and promotes their well being, which is how I was living my life at the time. So, writing about how tired I am and how unmotivated I am to do anything did not sound like a wise choice. After deeper thought, I realized that it is unfair to hold myself to such high standards and it is good for me to let go of what I consider “failures” so I can move on and let go.

I’ve been busy, and pretty overwhelmed between work life, yoga homework, married life, weddings, birthdays, yoga homework, the heartache of loved ones moving away, the stress of buying a new vehicle, yoga homework, etc. Did you get the hint that I have felt a little overwhelmed about yoga homework?! For those of you who make a 45 minute trek regularly to attend your favorite yoga class, I applaud you! I thought 3-4 classes a week was doable, but I was forgetting about cooking dinners, getting chores done, dogs cared for, chickens tended to, and a social/family life to attend. So, I backed off on the amount of yoga I was able to accomplish to complete my course on time (and have hated on myself ever since!).

However, the two things that scare me to most are personal failure and disappointing others. I am very behind in yoga. I am finding myself unable of accomplish my normal level of homework. I am forced to tell people “no”… and it’s killing me! It is killing me because I am beating myself up about it.


I read this article about burn out. It explains there are ten signs that you are burning out (pretty much my current situation in a nut shell) and they are as follows:

  1. Exhaustion – yes, yes, yes
  2. Lack of Motivation – yup. Even a blog post sounds like too much work
  3. Frustration, cynicism, and other negative emotions – what I just described ^^^
  4. Cognitive problems – it’s like ADD, but I don’t have that problem generally. I’ll explain this problem below.
  5. Slipping Job Performance – and blaming it on #4
  6. Interpersonal Problems at Home and at work – my relationships are sucking
  7. Not taking care of yourself – not eating well and drinking more wine…
  8. Being preoccupied with work… when you’re not at work –I actually don’t have this problem, thank goodness!
  9. Generally decreased satisfaction – I know, I’m only unsatisfied because “I’m a terrible person”
  10. Health problems – probably due to #1 and #7… and stress

Here’s my basic, daily scenario (sorry, it’s long!): Force myself out of bed (#1) to shower. Drag myself onto my yoga mat to lazily (#2) do some sun salutations and I lot of floor work. Savasana. Start to meditate… decide meditation was accomplished somewhat in savasana and I have to get ready anyway (#2). Get to work ten minutes late. (#4) Work day consists of getting some things done, rolling my eyes at my co-wokers (#6) who want me to do extra work, reading an article on how to like my job better (#9), watching six buzzfeed videos, looking at my un-ending to-do list (#4), filling my coffee cup “one last time” (#1), running home for lunch to pack food for Tanner and do the dishes from last night, forget to eat (#7), complaining about all the work I have to get done, eat a couple crackers, answer some emails… Finally it’s 5:00! I’ll just stop on the way home for detergent really fast…. Spend an hour wondering the store (#4)… Get home to do yoga homework…hmm… let’s see. What does trikonasana mean? Okay, let’s look it up on the internet. Oh wait, but there is this funny buzzfeed video. (#4) HAHA love it. Gotta share this with my sister…. Then I’ll google trikonasana. Googling…. Oh shoot. I need to feed the dogs… Cool, dogs fed. Oh crap, gotta call my mom back. I can do that while I keep googling trikonasana. 20 minute conversation… don’t have a clue what she said the entire conversation (#6)… but I do have one sentence done of my homework. Perfect. It’s really quiet in the house; I will just turn on the tv for back ground noise. Okay, trikonasana description is done. Ten more words to go, not bad. It’s getting late though. I should prolly eat something, but I haven’t had time for grocery shopping lately… I’ll just eat some more crackers and wash it down with some wine to make me tired for bed (#7). I gotta be in bed soon so I get my eight hours of sleep so I can be healthy! Focus on homework… it’s due tonight. CRAP! Blah, blah, blah. Another glass of wine… Finish my terms and I finally head to bed (hopefully washing my face and teeth). Remind myself of all the reasons for why I was a failure today and how disappointed everyone must be (#3) It’s nearly midnight and the dog hasn’t been played with so he is running around the room while I’m trying to sleep.

Boom! Alarm goes off and I feel like crap (#10) but if I don’t get out of bed right now, I won’t do any yoga… but I can do yoga tonight instead…. I’ll sleep in. I don’t need a shower… It is long pants and hair-in-a-bun day and I will complain all day to myself about how horrible I look (#7). And of course, I won’t have time for yoga tonight.


Okay, so that was pretty long and annoying, but it is how my mind works lately. I tell everyone about how great yoga is and how it has cured my depression. Which it has, but that doesn’t mean it can go unchecked. I have talked myself into such a negative spiral. I am terrified I am a failure because I may not finish yoga in time and now my yoga practice is a stressor and not my release. I have made up the idea that my husband is going to be super disappointed in me for my failures or not keeping up with things, so I blame him for making me so stressed and the lists go on and on.

Taking a step back, I have realized a few things:

  1. I have time. I will admit, there is not a lot of extra time. But it is there and I can cultivate it by staying focused
  2. I am not a failure. So what if I don’t finish my yoga training “on time”. Life happens. I will get there. Hating on myself is not going to help
  3. I have got to let go of distraction. Turn off the social media and TV. I have got to compartmentalize my day to get things done instead of trying to kill three birds with one stone by doing yoga homework, relaxing in front of the tv, and eating dinner. Focus on one thing at a time, preferably in order of priorities.
  4. Remember my health is my #1 priority. If I am not taking care of myself, failure and burn out are inevitable. If I put myself first, the things I want to do will become easier.
  5. Lean on others. I am terrible at asking for help and admitting when I am unable to do something. Allow myself to lean on others for support instead of having an attitude that I can stand on my own two feet while complaining about a lack of support.


I am not perfect. My typical lifestyle IS healthy and happy and thriving. But we all fall sometimes, we just need to get back up and love ourselves anyway. A better attitude can help turn any situation around.

I’ll get off my soapbox now… Just needed to be publically REAL for a moment.

Love y’all, Taryn xoxo


Brunch & Bubbly Bridal Shower

I finally get to write a good post because I am not having to hide all my secret projects from my sister-in-law!

The bridal shower finally came around and we had such a blast. Check out this great overview of the planning and details. Everyone was perfect and the bride-to-be was knocked off her feet!

Me and the lovely bride to be!
Me and the lovely bride to be!
Check out this girl!
Check out this girl!



  • Mimosa bar – complete with different juices and fruits for the garnish. The guests were each given a hand-painted champagne glass as their favor
  • Tea bar – the bride to be loves tea! We offered a wide variety of hot and cold teas with beautiful china tea cups to sip on (the caffeine was a great contrast to the champagne)
  • Giant cheese and cracker board
  • Lunch: 3 different tea sandwiches, caprese, macaroni salad, ramon salad, and fruit
  • Desserts: beautiful chocolate truffles and creme brulee served in tea cups (both regular and chai tea flavors)




We really focused on incorporating a champagne theme with pink and gold decor, while also incorporating an antique tea party theme by using aged items and gorgeous antique tea cups. The entire house was filled with pictures of the beautiful bride-to-be and her studly fiance. At the front entrance, we used a paneled room divider to hang string of fake flowers, tiny jars full of fresh baby’s breath, and the couple’s engagement pictures.



We really loved the idea of incorporating fresh flowers all over the house, a bride favorite. The morning of the shower, one of the bridesmaids stopped by Trader Joe’s and grabbed banquets of wild flowers and baby’s breath. We used wine bottles, jars, and medicine bottles (some of which were spray painted gold or covered in sparkles) as the centerpieces on the table. Some tables had picture frames or tea cups or antique lanterns. And, of course, everything was filled with flowers.



The maid of honor did a great job of coming up with some games. We had some simple games spread out through the house to entertain people while we waited on the guest of honor to arrive. There was a game to guess the number of corks in a jar and a “write a date night” jar, to which Spencer got to pick her favorite date. The best game of the day incorporated the groom! The maid of honor prerecorded a bunch of interview questions with the groom and Spencer had to guess his answers. The best part was the fact that the groom got to “say hi” to the room and give a super emotional message to Spencer in the end that had all the women in the room in tears.




Man did this bride get spoiled! It was so much fun to see the creativity from all the women in the room. Some of the best gifts included: a towel cake, homemade initials wall decor, custom frames, and a custom hanger for the bride’s dress. I was lucky enough to have kept the bouquet she had caught at my wedding, so I framed it for her along with a photo strip of her catching the flowers and a poem to her. The maid of honor did a fabulous job putting together a “365 days” photo project for the married couple to capture their first year of marriage on disposable cameras (therefore, no retakes available!). We also put together a combined gift from everyone who was invited to the shower: a Project Life book filled with pictures of the bride with her guests, recipe cards, and notes of advice from all those dearest to the bride.

It was such a special day and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. This weekend, we get to host the bachelorette party and I cannot wait to share the planning and pictures for that event!

XOXO Taryn