Getting my Business Organized

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful. Or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry I’ve been on hiatus for a week. I have been incredibly busy this week with the Super Bowl (here in Phoenix, AH!) and getting things done for my businesses. I also was invited to a concert with my hubby on Monday night…. a “screamo” rock band concert…. and I survived! Actually, I had a lot of fun living on the edge of danger (er… mosh pit). I felt like a kid again! My husband was pretty amused with me.

Anyways, back to getting things done for my businesses… [DISCLOSURE: I promise to not turn this blog into an advertisement for our business; I’m simply eager to share the progress.] I currently have two different ventures going on apart from my full-time gig as an administrative assistant. I have previously shared information on the small business I started with my sister, Inspired by Sisters. We have been working furiously to get our business licensed and registered locally. We are officially on Etsy!!! We just started this week, so there is not much listed, but please check us out. I am, also, pleased to announce our work is currently being showcased in a local pop up gallery in Maricopa, AZ.


I am also enthusiastic to share the start of my yoga business. Taryn Raine Yoga is now on the web, both on Facebook and Weebly. Mind you, I just built these pages yesterday, but I am eager for feedback. Please check them out and let me know what you think.

Check out my website

Check out my Facebook page

Of course, all these business ventures need to be organized, right? I spent most of the weekend re-organizing my multi-purpose room (aka my  craft room/yoga studio/home office). The room I use was originally designed to be a bedroom, so I have a great closet in which I get to store my endless supply of craft items. From scrapbook paper, to gift wrap, fabric, paint supplies, and more, everything now has a place! I, also, sorted all my magazines to make it easier to find what I am looking for.


In addition to everything having it’s own tub or drawer in the closet, everything is labeled! I adore labels because a busy gal like me does not have time to guess and dig through multiple boxes to find a simple glue stick. Labels are the BEST! I simply typed all of mine up on the computer and printed them onto Avery address labels. Added bonus, the address labels are easy to remove from the plastic bins/drawers in case I ever need to update the contents.


I don’t know about you, but I tend to work a lot better when things are where they belong and my work space is free of clutter. I love bright colors too, because it puts me in a happier mood to get things done. Family art (including scribbles from my younger siblings) also help to create an inviting, fun space.


There you have it! You have had a peek into my favorite room in the entire house. What are your favorite ways to organize your work space? What do you need in your space to be fully inspired?

Lots of love, Taryn xoxo


One thought on “Getting my Business Organized

  1. upsidediy February 5, 2015 / 3:40 pm

    I’ve always said an organized home is a happy one. I find I work better as well as feel better when things are in their place. Love your organized room! All the best to you in your new business. 😀

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