Honoring Privacy in a Public World

“Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.” – Billy Graham

Don’t worry y’all. I’m still here! I’ve just been avoiding blogging. Not because I do not have things to write about; I do! However, I have been battling with myself about how much to share with the world and how much I need to keep private. Privacy within the home is important and we must continue to honor that even with the world’s curiosity at our fingertips.

I started this blog for a few reasons:

  1. To inspire and connect with others
  2. To “be real” with people, share my struggles with others to motivate
  3. To share my passion for people, health, food, yoga, etc.

So, I’ve been avoiding my blog because I want to be real with all of you. I have been in a battle lately and it is shaping every experience I have encountered in the last few months. It is my motivation for the spiritual journey I have begun and the soul searching adventure I am on. Unfortunately, I felt like my current battle is like an elephant in the room and I couldn’t post without an explanation of my background story.

Truth is, my marriage is going through a battle right now, as I am sure most young marriages do. It is impacting my daily life, my thoughts, my actions, all of which I want to share with you. However, my marriage is MY business. The privacy of our home and our relationship is vital to keeping the connection we have created together. Our struggles are not to be shared with the world, for they are our own.


I’ve struggled with this because I want to be able to share my story to help others. I have realized I can still do this without providing the intimate details of my life. Just know that I am human. I struggle daily and I am far from perfect. My marriage struggles. We stumble and fall just like everyone else. We continue to lean on something much greater than ourselves. The struggle has created the opportunity for a number of lessons which I cannot wait to begin sharing.

I ask that everyone honor my needs for privacy. It is human nature to be curious, but we should start respecting the need for closed doors, especially in our intimate relationships.

We are still battling. We are still learning. We are exploring ourselves and our relationship. Tanner and I always appreciate your prayers, as I would do for you. As I learn more about myself, love, and this crazy thing we call life, I cannot wait to share the details of those experiences. Let’s learn together!

I am so eager to write again. Much love, Taryn xoxo