Making Changes

Watch carefully, the magic that occurs, when you give a person just enough comfort, to be themselves – Atticus


Hey friends,

I have been missing the blog world for a while now and I have been holding back for a couple of reasons… My life has been going through a number of changes over the past six months and I am not one to share my personal details with the world. At the same time, I believe in true authenticity and being real with my readers. In order to avoid sacrificing my values, I chose silence instead of over-sharing or acting like life was splendid, when it was not. I am also coming to the conclusion that my vision for starting this blog no longer feel true to who I am. Even the title of the blog feels completely disconnected and it does not feel like the proper place for my voice.

Here’s the thing: I started this blog with the intentions of sharing about my life, about yoga and health and DIY projects and marriage. This would be the forum for me to share fun stories about building chicken coops with my father-in-law, having weekend shooting adventures with my hubs, and explain how I can still maintain my healthy lifestyle and love for yoga amongst the beer and goofiness of being married to cowboy-hat-wearing husband. But, that’s not my life right now.

In April, I decided the best decision for me was to move out of my husband’s house. I have refused to speak about this publically for fear that people would not understand. I feared that people would say things like “I told you not to get married so young” or “you should’ve tried harder,” etc. And I get it! I have judged people in the past for making decisions like mine and only now do I fully acknowledge that there is always a story behind people’s decisions that no one, other than the person living it, can comprehend. I also have hopes that I will still work things out with my husband and I figured that going “public” with any information about a separation would only make it harder for me to explain things down the road. I’m a people pleaser and have lost my voice for fear of judgment.

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And I would like to tell you that I am “rising above” and am posting this today with triumphant courage about how I am going to use my voice genuinely without fear of critique, but that wouldn’t be true. In fact, I have sweat leaking from my pits and have already erased and restarted this post many times. And I will probably make a few (hundred) more edits after I am finished ranting.

However, I still want to share my story with you. Not the messy details of my shitty situation, but the victory of getting up in the morning when I feel like it has all gone to hell. About how I am so grateful for yoga and being a teacher because it has forced me to get to class when I most needed it, but was most reluctant to get onto the mat. About how many times I have eaten chips and salsa and a six pack of beer for dinner, only to find new appreciation for my health food enthusiasm the next day.

You see, I did not want to get on here and write posts about how I have all of the answers and how I know everything about battling depression through yoga or eating healthy when you don’t feel like it. Because fuck it; that’s completely unrealistic. But I do want to tell you all about how much I try, some days harder than others… but I try to gear my life towards positive, towards healthy, towards something better than it is in this current moment. And I want to continue sharing with you.

Therefore, I may be slowly transitioning to a new blog. I don’t have a clue what that blog will be called or what it will look like or whether I will stick to it. Who knows?! What I do know is that change is inevitable and I do not owe it to anyone to be the same person tomorrow as I am today.

Besides, change can be beautiful, right?

XOXO Taryn


5 Ways I Practice Self Love

I  have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival. – Audre Lorde

I have been preaching about self love the last couple of days in my yoga classes, which has moved me to write this post. Often times, I mention self love and self care and receive some eye rolling and laughs from people. This breaks my heart! There is some terrible message out there telling people that self care is silly or self improvement is for losers. This cannot be further from the truth! Media and society fill the world with lies, claiming “once you have a better body, you will love yourself and be happy” or “with this shiny new car, you will feel confident” or “once you find the one who ‘completes’ you, you will be happy”. These are LIES! Happiness is found when we are able to find it within ourselves and acts of self love will help you get there.

The other big lie we hear about self love is that it is selfish or narcissistic. I’m pretty tired of hearing those two wor8e00fbb61eb51394a66cab05baa7a45ads being used so casually. Being able to take care of ourselves will help us take care of others. It is about replenishing our own resources so we can continue to share, or else we will deplete ourselves to the point of helplessness and will be of no use to anyone we care about. When we practice self love, we can push through the limiting beliefs that the world has put on our shoulders and we can live life radiantly.

Self love is a daily practice. Some days are easier than others. Some days, we face challenges or hear lies about ourselves (both within our heads or through the opinions of others) and we let it consume us. The biggest thing to remember about self love is to NEVER beat ourselves up when we have off days. Shit happens. We must continue to talk to ourselves with pure kindness, embracing ourselves when we are down, and lifting ourselves back up, ready to try again.

Ready to start showing yourself some love? Take a deep breath in, give yourself a tight hug, and remind yourself: I AM WORTHY OF LOVE. Let’s get to it 🙂

self love



1. Eat like you care! Be honest about this one. How much time and consideration do you put into your food and eating habits? Are you eating because you are bored, upset, or hungry? Are you eating foods that are high in grease, fats, and sugars? Or are you filling your body with colorful, nutrient rich foods designed to fuel you up? Your body is craving for nourishment. One of the best ways you can express love for the body is by giving it the tools it needs for success. Listen to your body’s needs. Slow down and really enjoy the first 3 bites of every meal. Contemplate the texture, the taste, the richness of the different flavors. And give appreciation. If you can change anything about your eating habits, simply slow down and be grateful!


2. Repeat affirmations DAILY. This is a big game changer for me and it sounded really stupid to me in the beginning too, don’t worry. I challenge you to make a habit of saying loving affirmations to yourself aloud at least once a day (preferably first thing in the morning). I also encourage you to say these things to yourself while looking into a mirror. Trust me, it is not as crazy as it sounds. There are many affirmation ideas all over the web. You can also purchase affirmation cards, books, signs, etc. You can change it up every day or you can pick one affirmation that truly speaks to you and use that same one daily. If you like the idea of consistency, try taping the affirmation to your bathroom mirror or you can make your own piece of pretty artwork to display and remind yourself (or you can order one from me).

Here are some super simple affirmations that really click with me:

  • I am worthy (of love, abundance, beauty, etc.)
  • I am enough
  • I am valuable
  • I am perfectly imperfect
  • I can accomplish anything I put my mind to
  • I love my body. It is strong, beautiful, and capable
  • I am grateful for the abundance in my life


3. Enjoy stillness. It is important to take time for rest and quiet. I know we are all busy and we are filled to the brim with obligations and to-do lists, making it difficult to set aside time for ourselves. However, it is absolutely necessary to our self care. Make this a priority. Maybe wake up a little bit earlier, while the rest of the house is still asleep, or explain to your family that in order to do more for them, you need ten minutes for yourself and go lock yourself in a room. I can promise you, everyone can handle at least 10 minutes without your help. Of course, if you have toddlers home, you may find it a little more difficult to them to fend for themselves. However, you can make it a priority to take ten minutes for yourself when they are down for a nap before you start on a list of chores. This should be non-negotiable. Stillness can be anything that involves quiet and peace. You can spend some time in meditation (guided or silent) or relax into a steamy bath with luxurious bubbles or salts. It doesn’t make you are not moving at all, just peacefully. You can enjoy some creative work, tend to your garden, color, read a book. But it is time for you and only you!


4. Enjoy movement. As important is it is to slow down and find stillness, it is just as vital to find energizing movement. Hopefully, something that you love! The gym may not be your thing, yoga may not be your thing, biking may not be your thing. However, there is some kind of movement that will excite you, you simply need to find it! Create a fun family workout routine, go for a jog, go play kickball at the park, go to a Zumba class or kickboxing class or crossfit class, go hiking, go dancing, do yoga. I don’t care what you do, but move! With movement, you will learn more about your body and everything it is capable of. Do not focus on its limitations, but find amazement in what you can do. If your movement gets you outdoors, even better! We all need a little more vitamin D in our life.


5. Date yourself. This is my favorite act of self love and probably the one that sounds the silliest… I decided a long time ago that I am more than capable of doing things for myself and I should. I buy myself flowers, with no shame! I write myself love notes to put on my desk. I get dressed in my favorite clothes, put on some bitchin’ lipstick, and wear some yummy perfume; just for me! I tell myself, “Damn, you look good!” Selfies encouraged! I make it a habit to take myself out. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I go to the movies, to dinner, to the park, on a solo day trip. Sometimes, I just stay in and do something I love. Dating yourself is about treating yourself with respect and having some fun along the way. I dare you: write down a list of things you LOVE to do, new things you want to try, or places you want to go. Now, pull out your planner and start scheduling your date nights. I aim for at least one per month. Put it on your planner with a pen or even a permanent marker. This is your “me time” and it is not selfish. It is essential.


It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, married, divorced, etc. Make it a priority to take time out to practice self care. Enjoy your own presence and become your own best friend. It does not make you crazy, it makes you better connected to your mind, your body, and your soul. Understanding who you are can help refresh all the relationships around you, learning how to step away from those which are not healthy and how to show sincere gratitude to the friends and family that nourish you.

I would love to hear what you think. Have you ever been on a self date? What did you do? How do you like to practice self care?

Happy Friday, y’all! Namaste 🙂


My Word for 2016

“She made a promise to herself to hold her own well being sacred.” – Unknown

January is the season of goal setting, resolution, diet trends, and packed gyms. Great people with good intentions set out for a New Year, perhaps an opportunity to redefine themselves or their lifestyle, and make positive changes to their daily habits. It truly breaks my heart that resolutions have become a joke, as few people follow through with their goals after a couple weeks into the year. I, too, used to make giant lists of New Year resolutions until my mother introduced me to the practice of picking one word to focus on the for year, and that’s it. This gives a focal point to decisions I will be making throughout the year, how I choose to spend my free time and money, and gives directions to my short term goals throughout the year. You read that right, I still make other goals! Of course, with my career, two small businesses, and my own needs, I continue to make goals. I still take the time to strategize how to make more sales, how to increase my number of yoga students, how to pay off my credit card, etc. However, my word is my resolution. The word defines my year… those other goals simply support it.


Last year, I selected the word Growth, which I reviewed at the beginning of the year. I always take the time to look back at the previous year, see the things that worked and didn’t work , clarify any unfinished business, etc. It’s my way of peacefully coming to terms with the ending of another year so I can graciously open doors for a completely new beginning. This is always exciting to me. Opportunities are limitless, so long as you continue to be open to change. That being said, I wanted a drastic shift from my experiences last year. I definitely grew, which is a journey I know will never end. However, I am all for slowing things down now.

The memories I have from 2015 of genuinely feeling happy, blissful, and naturally high were kind of limited to these few experiences where I was able to get away for a weekend, travel to family or friends, and trying new things. The rest of the year, I was busy chasing opportunities for growth (no complaints, btw).  This year, I am making more time for the people, experiences, and things that feed my soul. My word for 2016, naturally, is NOURISH.


I don’t know if I will ever feel 100% satisfied, but I want to start catering to my hunger for connection, my thirst for adventure, my deep desire for passion and fire.  Really, my goal this year is to be guided by my heart, to stay in tune with it’s needs, and to take time for myself. I will eliminate the guilt that typically surrounds me when I’m spent too much time doing things for only my benefit, and more importantly, move away from that same guilt that haunts me on every adventure I take that I think may be costing too much. In reviewing 2015, I followed a prompt that asked me to review the things I felt like I wasted money on and to recognize the money spent on things that were absolutely worth it. Trips, work shops, festivals, moments with friends and family. All of these things were TOP of my list for what felt worth it. So, why would I deprive myself of that?

I do not want to live the same day, every day, for the rest of my life. My soul craves way too much freedom and adventure for that. In 2016, I will be nourishing my soul, my mind, my body. I hope to be keeping you updated along the way… but I cannot make any promises. I am ready to be filled to the brim with nourishment and only chase after things that do not deplete me.


Did you choose a word for the new year? Do you want more information on how to pick a word or how to sustain your word throughout the year. Thanks for my wonderful mama, I have some great resources for you:

  • Susannah Conway: She has great tools for help you choose your word of the year (for free)  and you can sign up for her email guidance
  • One Little Word by Ali Edwards: This was my first guide for choosing one word. If you are motivated by videos, photo journaling, and visual tools, this is where it’s at! You can purchase her kits for art journaling at home, take her classes on how to do it, etc.
  • Christine Kane: FREE discovering tool and all kinds of classes designed for self improvement.

One last thing before I go… I must share a book I have read recently that I think will be a big game changer with myself and my sisters. Miracle Mornings by Hal Elrod is a book that teaches you how to add more productivity, organization, direction, and energy to your life, all by wakings up a little earlier than normal. Sounds terrible? I promise, it is not so bad! Check out his site for some tools to help you get starts!

What’s your 2016 going to look like? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Namaste, Taryn xoxo


2015: A Year of Growth

“Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you would.” – E.V.

Last year, my wonderful mother challenged me to pick a word for the New Year, rather than my usual endless list of to-dos and tedious goals. It was challenging to set my mind in one direction. What was I looking for in the new year? What changes did I want to make? What opportunities? What path did I want to lead myself down? A few things I knew for certain: I want to plant a garden, I want to learn more about myself, and I want to build my career and business. So, I chose the word GROWTH. And a year of growth it has been. (See my original post about Growth)

Let me start by letting you know I did not accomplish all of my goals or hopes and dreams for 2015. Some feel like they would get started, and fall, and I would continuously pick them back up again. Some lost interest in me, or I lost interest in it. Some things failed to be a priority. The biggest challenge of the year was my garden. I finally got the beds replanted, the seeds planted, and the irrigation in place. I rejoiced when little specks of green began emerging from the soil I so carefully placed. You can even check out my Instagram; I was overjoyed. Then, my 2-year-old lab experienced his own version of joy: digging in the fresh dirt and compost, thus ruining my beautiful new seedlings. I was crushed, but I continued on. My father-in-law and handy husband built me a fence and a gate to keep the dogs away from the side yard. I replanted my seeds, replaced my ruined irrigation lines, and was ready to watch my vegetables grow. However, in building this fence, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to allow the chickens more roaming throughout their side yard, out of the confines of their coop. It turns out; chickens also enjoy destroying my garden. At this time, it was too late to replant any seeds for 2015. I was crushed, momentarily. Rather than look back at my goals I didn’t meet last year and feel guilty about not accomplishing them, I am finding a new perspective. I have the opportunity now to see what on that list is truly important to me. What goals will I be sure to tackle in 2016? What goals or dreams lack the same drive they had last year? It’s a chance to refine my list, clear what is not working for me, polish those dreams that still hold a place in my heart, and move the f*** on.


More importantly, it allowed me the chance to truly relish in all the things I did accomplish and all of the dreams I discovered throughout the year that I never would have dreamed to place on my visual board. I, indeed, grew.


I’m glad I enjoy being busy because if my business and career continue to develop at the same rate as 2015, I am in for quite a ride. I have been completely torn about my desk job for the last couple of years, working as an admin for a great community. It didn’t fulfill me or give me a reason to wake up in the morning or give me a since of belonging. It was a paycheck, mostly to pay back my college loans. However, this year an opportunity came up for me to keep my job working for a great company and move into a role I absolutely love. It is a job that excites me every morning, allows me the space to connect with others, and learn more about myself. It is one of those goals I had no idea meant so much to me until the opportunity presented itself and I jumped right in. I am loving it!

I am also pleased to say that both of my side jobs are growing too. I started teaching yoga in May this year and it is amazing. I am building a following, my students are transforming before my eyes, and I am even having to turn down yoga opportunities as demands are growing. It is phenomenal. Plus, my small business with Sierra, Inspired by Sisters is doing wonderfully. We are growing at a pace that is manageable, but challenging. We are finally bringing home some small paychecks, our reputation in our little town is growing, and we continue to have top rated reviews. I cannot be more grateful for the people who are supporting my dreams. I am seriously on a high right now just thinking about how far we have come.




I am connected with some phenomenal people this year. I am learning that there are so many different kinds of people, different kinds of friends, different kinds of relationships to be had. I am also learning that some people click with me better than others, and the crazy people-pleaser that is me has accepted that I do not need to keep all my friendships and it is not my responsibility to encourage relationships that do not seem to be healthy. I have met so many amazing people. I am incredibly thankful for connecting with a fellow YTT student, Jo, during our classes. He has introduced me to a different culture, full of acceptance and some of the warmest souls you will ever meet. Through him, I have met Vanessa, who is one of those friends you connect with right away and it feels like they have always been a part of you, even if you only met them 10 minutes ago. I love that they have got me out of my comfort zone, out into the world seeking adventure, but also turning inward and exploring within myself.

BeFunky Collage

I am also very grateful that my relationship with my husband continues to grow. It is always a challenge when two people come together, trying to merge two paths that do not intertwine very easily. It is a daily struggle to allow myself growth, allow my husband growth, and remember to come back together at the end of each day and grow together. We are starting to get the hang of it!



I have a very strong belief that we should all be growing, changing, evolving all the time, throughout the entirety of our life time. I am pleased to say I witnessed a year of DAILY growth. I am serious. I found something new about myself constantly this past year. It really made me question whether I was growing at a more substantial rate than normal or if I was just so conscious about it that I noticed more than I normally would have. Maybe it is a combination of both. I learned to be kinder with myself. I learned that I cannot always get everything that I want to get done accomplished and that it is vital that I keep my perspective clear, rather than my to-do list. I have learned that I have a heart thirsty for adventure, eager to connect with new cultures, to engage with a vast variety of spirits. I have learned to be aware of my faults, not so I can mock them, but so I can eventually turn them into my strengths.

BeFunky Collage2

I am more connected than I have ever been with myself. That is the best change I have experienced for all of 2015. I cannot even put the feeling into words.


With that being said, I am very eager to see what the new year brings me. I am eager to share my word for the new year. I am eager to continue on the path with new friends, new dreams, new adventures. My goal is to share this with you something this week, but who knows where I will be guided…

Thank you all for helping me GROW in 2015.

Namaste, Taryn xoxo

How I Manage It All: Free Worksheets!

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” – C.S. Lewis

I get asked how I manage my life all of the time. I often feel like I am on the go 24/7 and have very little wiggle room in my schedule, but somehow, I still find time to balance it all out. I do not have all the answers and there are definitely days that I walk around like a sleep deprived, caffeine fueled crazy lady/ticking time bomb… However, most days, I feel like I have it together and I would love to help others feel like they have a little control over their chaotic lives too. So, let’s begin…

#1: Prioritize
I have been trying to write this blog for a number of weeks now, but haven’t. This is because my blog is not currently my biggest priority, and that’s okay! The number one advice I can give someone about managing a crazy schedule (with multiple passions and goals) is to prioritize them. Your dreams that are on the top of the list should always take precedence, no matter what, without guilt! For example, the top of my list is family. If I have to sacrifice getting something done for yoga in order to do something for my family, I let it go. Yoga is important to me, but not top of the list. Always be practical, but always know that your passions are what give you fuel to accomplish the rest, so make sure they are at least close to the top of your list.


#2: Lists, planners, and habits
If anyone knows me well at all, you know that I am a total listaholic. The biggest reason for this is that I am totally guilty of forgetting absolutely everything! I admit it – I forget birthdays, deadlines, coffee dates, shopping lists, etc. I can literally tell someone that I will do something for them and immediately forget what that thing is as soon as I walk away. To save myself from the embarrassment of asking again or retracing my steps to see what I have forgotten, I just write EVERYTHING down. I make it an important habit and a part of my routine. I keep mini notebooks everywhere. One in my purse, one on my nightstand, one on my desk, etc. This way, when a thought or to-do list items is keeping me from sleeping or concentrating on work, I can write it down and forget about it until later.

I keep multiple calendars (which does NOT work for all people, but it works for me). I keep all my work-related events on my outlook calendar that hooks up to my iphone and then I keep all my personal events on my personal planner. I am still quite old fashioned, as I love carrying around a planner rather than using my phone. Whatever works for you, just use a calendar! I always appreciate the few friends who will book wine dates in advance with ne. It is so great to know I can rely on them to jot it down in their calendar too and give me fair notice if we need to reschedule. I also keep a calendar on the fridge so I can write down my schedule for my hubs in case I forget to tell him.


My favorite part of my workday is the first 10-15 minutes in the office for so many reasons! I catch up with my co-workers as we wait for coffee to brew and we often draw up inspirational quote cards to inspire our day. Then, I take my cup of coffee back to my office to reflect on what I want my day to look like. I write it all down! I have created this awesome template for beginning my day. It is a list that gives me a focus or goal for the day, a list of tasks (in prioritized order, of course), an inspirational corner, and a gratitude corner. It is my saving grace. Not only can I check what I need to get done for today, but I can remind myself of the good things if my day turns shitty, which happens often in my line of work. I am making these templates available to all of you (for free)! The PDF attachments can be found at the bottom of my post.



#3: Balance & Yoga
I posted about this on my Instagram page the other day and absolutely every work of it is true: “I get asked all the time, “how do you do everything you do?” 100% honesty, YOGA. I took this picture in the midst of cooking dinner, doing laundry, answering work emails, and throwing the occasional ball for the dogs. It’s why I took the picture in my messy studio; my life ain’t glamorous. I wake up at 4:45am and I work nonstop until 8 at night. Between my full time job, teaching yoga, owning a business, keeping healthy, maintaining some kind of social life, and loving on my family, I hardly have time to slow down. However, that’s why yoga is so important to me. It forces me to slow down, to breathe, and to find balance both on and off the mat. It’s taught me how to focus, to direct my life towards the things that I am passionate about, the things that fill me with light and laughter, and how to say no to all the rest. I don’t see how my life could get any more hectic, but I thank God for leading me to yoga. I could not handle any of this without it. ##findbalance #thankfulforyoga”


I force myself to slow down. I know damn well that I cannot do it all and that even with all my lists and my planning, sometimes none of it is enough. I still get scatter brained and frustrated and fearful. That is when I have to come to a stop. Seriously, sit on the couch all night, eating pizza, and watching friends. Who cares? Sometimes, there won’t be time for the gym or making green juice or getting work down or doing anything productive AT ALL. That is totally fine. Some days, you win, some days, you learn. Brush it off. Every day is new!

Last but not least, be kind to yourself and kind to your body. Know your limits and do not be upset with yourself when those limits are met. Your dreams will come true, even if you get behind. Everything will work out, I promise. Keep you head up! Oh, and go to yoga 🙂

Here are those PDFs for you, in different sizes:

Daily Planner(1 per sheet)

Daily Planner(2 per sheet)

Daily Planner(4 per sheet)

Much love, Taryn xoxo


Motivational Monday: Live Life Laughing

“I think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence.” –

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend some time in Florida, marrying my childhood best friend, Ali,  to her other half, James. The wedding was casual, stress free, and beautiful. The sun was shining, the bride was glowing, and the groom had tears of joy as his young bride strutted down the aisle (and yes, I do mean strut). I had the biggest honor of filling two huge roles; the matron-of-honor and the wedding officiate. Let me tell you, being officiate is the best seat in the house! I got to witness the connection between them, the nerves, the flickering desire in each of their eyes, and the anticipating audiences coo over the first kiss. We bar-be-que’d, we partied on the beach, and we had a splendid evening celebrating young love.


However, this post is not about the wedding. This post is about the positive attitude of some incredible women I got to spend 5 days with in Florida.  Most of the weekend was picture perfect. I mean, there is always a little stress when a wedding is involved, but nearly the entire weekend went off without a hitch. Then came the storms on Monday.

The boys had plans of their own and it was a rainy day, no time for the beach. We spent the morning lounging around and decided to do what us girls do best: shop! Trouble is, Destin only has outside malls and it was not just drizzling… it was down pourin12122474_10203747192040770_6958409287886925717_ng. But that didn’t stop us! We spent the entire afternoon running in between stores, shopping our hearts out, laughing our asses off, and soaked to the bone. We kept receiving weather alerts on our phone, but we were too caught up in the fun. Plus, we are tough. Right?

We finally decide it is about time to head back to the condo we were staying at, which was less than 3 miles away from the mall. As we crept out onto the main road, we hit bumper to bumper traffic. We still weren’t worried, as we sent Snapchats of our shopping haul and dripping hair. Must be an accident ahead, we thought. We sang girl jams and giggled about our day.

However, we were wrong. Very wrong. There was no accident and this was no normal rainy day. This was a huge storm. In fact, it made national news that night. We started to realize this as the water on the road began to rise… In fact, the cars on the road ahead had water nearly halfway up their sides, the bottoms of the trucks were touching water, and there were TIDES ON THE ROAD. Not to mention, we were in Ali’s BMW convertible, which is not exactly the ideal vehicle for this kind of terrain. The water began to seep in the floorboards and we made the mutual decision that it was definitely time to get off the road, like ten minutes ago! We finally get12105934_10203747191800764_2017675776497847118_n over into the right lane and find a parking lot within our reach. The road dipped down a bit before we got into the parking lot, shooting water over the top of the car, and it doing so, killed the engine. We had to get out of the vehicle and push it into a parking spot. Of course, we were mostly worried about our precious new books in the truck of the car, so we decided to throw all our shopping bags into the car seats and head in doors…

We had the best of luck! Ali had pulled into a liquor store parking lot, which was the best of irony because it was her 21st birthday and we were just thankful she was allowed to go inside with us. We dried off, phoned the boys (multiple times, I might add) to come pick us up in the truck, and bought a bottle of wine to share. Well, mostly share. Ali had just shared the wonderful news that she was pregnant, so she did not get to join in the fun while we waited to be rescued.

Now I share this story for a few reasons. First, because it is hilarious and we will never forget this day together; but more importantly, because I was seriously impressed with these girls. Ali, Carissa, and Victoria are some bad ass ladies! No one complained. No one whined about their cold and wet clothing, their ruined makeup and hair, or having to push a vehicle in the rain. No one panicked or played the victim. No one argued or got upset or acted like a child.

We laughed!  And laughed and laughed and laughed. I remember one of the girls saying “there’s nothing to do but laugh.” As true as that felt in the moment, I reflected later about how few people would have actually had that reaction. There are plenty of things to do other than laugh, as I described up above. However, we didn’t let anything ruin our good time together or Ali’s birthday and wedding weekend. We made the best of the situation and didn’t dwell on all the things that went wrong or could have gone worse.

I wish this was the reaction I always have when things don’t go according to plan. I have a lot of attitude adjustments to work on and I’m so thankful these beautiful girls were around to remind each other of that. Life is short and it should be full of laughter and love for each other, not stress and selfishness. I love you girls and I am so thankful I was reminded to life with positive vibes. I hope each of you can do the same.

BeFunky Collage

Happy Monday y’all 🙂 – Taryn

Reconnecting with Family

There is an interconnectedness among members that bonds the family, much like mountain climbers who rope themselves together when climbing a mountain, so that if someone should slip or need support, he’s held up by the others until he regains his footing. – Phil McGraw

A couple of weekends ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle and Oregon to visit family and explore new places. It was such a blessing to be connected with family again. I don’t know about you, but I have a very special connection with my parents and siblings. It feels like a part of me is missing ever since they moved away and the pain of missing them is nearly a constant. However, getting to spend a few days with them has filled me back up again and I feel like I get to carry their spirit with me wherever I go.

We spent a casual day in Seattle and Puyallup. We had a large family dinner with my nana, aunts, cousins, second cousins, etc. and spent the evening playing cards. There is something deliciously nostalgic about playing card games or dominos. It is a reminder of the childhood summers spent in my grandparents’ living room in Texas, laughing hysterically as my feisty nana (who is now 94-years-old) would curse us for laying down canasta or me getting into trouble to talking too much instead of playing the game. Puzzles, pecans, and miniature figurines have this affect on me also. I always relish any moment to reconnect with that part of my past.

Oh! Did I mention we went to a Harry Potter party?
Oh! Did I mention we went to a Harry Potter party?

Saturday, we drove down to Oregon to visit my mother, step dad, and youngest siblings. My step dad has done an incredible job remodeling their gorgeous home in an adorable small town an hour outside of Portland. Brea, 6, and Andrea, 4, were quite eager to show their older siblings all about their new life including a large garden in the backyard, daddy’s work shop, and mama’s art room. The kids were sure excited we were there but honestly, my favorite part of the trip was the glow on my mom’s face. Talk about gorgeous (and happy)!


The thing I loved most about Oregon was the wonderful outdoors. We spent time walking along the trails to Silver Falls, at awe with nature. I’m so thrilled that my siblings are growing up with an appreciation for the outdoors, nature, and gardening. It takes very special parents to take the time to teach their children about how to plant a seed or how to fish when it is much easier to just sit them in front of a TV or X-box. Plus, how can you not want to be outside when it looks like this?!


The trip was everything I could have hoped for. I got to enjoy tickle fights on the trampoline, late night drinks on the porch with my mom and the big kids, and satisfied a hunger for the wild (only temporarily, of course). There was great food, incredible wine/beer, and some of the greatest people on the planet to share it with. The best part of my entire trip was seeing how happy everyone seems to be in their new homes. My sister, Cheyanne, and her boy friend are settling in incredibly well in Seattle (oh wait… I mean FIANCE! See photos below) and my mother is glowing with so much pride and joy. I wonder if perhaps I have ever seen her that happy before.

See? Look how gorgeous she is! She glows!
See? Look how gorgeous she is! She glows!

It is always hard for me to say goodbye, but I am incredibly grateful that I got to witness and experience their happiness. It makes the distance between us just a little easier to manage. I love them all like crazy.

Thanks for reading, Taryn xoxo


BeFunky Collage2

(Sorry for the caps, I’m excited. Also, Josh has practically been my brother for years anyways)

Honoring Privacy in a Public World

“Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.” – Billy Graham

Don’t worry y’all. I’m still here! I’ve just been avoiding blogging. Not because I do not have things to write about; I do! However, I have been battling with myself about how much to share with the world and how much I need to keep private. Privacy within the home is important and we must continue to honor that even with the world’s curiosity at our fingertips.

I started this blog for a few reasons:

  1. To inspire and connect with others
  2. To “be real” with people, share my struggles with others to motivate
  3. To share my passion for people, health, food, yoga, etc.

So, I’ve been avoiding my blog because I want to be real with all of you. I have been in a battle lately and it is shaping every experience I have encountered in the last few months. It is my motivation for the spiritual journey I have begun and the soul searching adventure I am on. Unfortunately, I felt like my current battle is like an elephant in the room and I couldn’t post without an explanation of my background story.

Truth is, my marriage is going through a battle right now, as I am sure most young marriages do. It is impacting my daily life, my thoughts, my actions, all of which I want to share with you. However, my marriage is MY business. The privacy of our home and our relationship is vital to keeping the connection we have created together. Our struggles are not to be shared with the world, for they are our own.


I’ve struggled with this because I want to be able to share my story to help others. I have realized I can still do this without providing the intimate details of my life. Just know that I am human. I struggle daily and I am far from perfect. My marriage struggles. We stumble and fall just like everyone else. We continue to lean on something much greater than ourselves. The struggle has created the opportunity for a number of lessons which I cannot wait to begin sharing.

I ask that everyone honor my needs for privacy. It is human nature to be curious, but we should start respecting the need for closed doors, especially in our intimate relationships.

We are still battling. We are still learning. We are exploring ourselves and our relationship. Tanner and I always appreciate your prayers, as I would do for you. As I learn more about myself, love, and this crazy thing we call life, I cannot wait to share the details of those experiences. Let’s learn together!

I am so eager to write again. Much love, Taryn xoxo


Wild & Free

“Be daring. Be different. Be impractical. Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play it safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” – Cecil Beaton

Over the weekend, my cousin (and long-time best friend) visited from Missouri and we had an amazing time catching up.  It is always such a blessing to have people in your life who make it feel like nothing has changed since the last time you saw them, even though it’s been ages and, in fact, everything has changed! It is a comfort to have a friend who knows me completely inside and out. Being around my dear friend, Ali, just feels like home! We are goofy and fun and out of control! I love that and LOVE her!

We used to work together at the Renaissance Festival so we had to go visit the fun. Her parents still work at the festival and Ali’s visit was a great surprise for them. Plus, it was Star Wars weekend, making it even better!


Afterwards, we went to get matching tattoos with my sister (and business partner), Sierra. We have always wanted to get something matching, eternalizing our fricking awesome friendship! We have been thinking hard on what we all wanted, something to match all our personalities. We were very happy with our choice!



So why did we pick wild and free? Soooo many good reasons!

Wild: (adj) 1.  Living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated; 2. uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure

We chose the word wild because it perfectly describes our behavior when we are together. We thirst for adventure. We do not like to follow a set rule; we make our own. We are goofy, over-the-top, and out of control. Not in the way you’d think, like passed out drunk at the party wild. But in a childlike way, our imagination taking over!

As we grow older, one big fear is that we are losing our untamed personalities to fit the “mold” of adulthood. We wanted a good reminder that our sense of adventure and silliness can co-exist with our adult life. Our personalities can still shine!

Free: (adj) 1. not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes; 2. not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed

Free!!! My #1 desire and priority in life. Freedom is such a precious gift! We love to dream and, in doing so, shape our own lives, regardless of the limitations the world decides to throw at us. Possibility is everywhere! We want to embrace freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to experience things we find important, not what the media tells to enjoy. We want to enjoy the freedom create our own path that suites our needs when the way of the world does not. Free to be passionate, to be daring, to be fierce.


It is my biggest hope that in placing these tattoos on our bodies, we will continue to be brave in our fight against the ordinary!

Much love! Taryn xoxo

Celebrate with Gratitude!

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that is is.” – Mandy Hale

The first quarter of 2015 has come to an end and I must say, we are having a killer year thus far! If you remember, the word I chose for 2015 was “GROWTH”. Looking back at the start of the year, I realized it is incredible how far I have already come. I officially have my yoga certificate and have taught a couple of classes. My business with my little sister is really taking off and is gaining momentum rather quickly. I am learning so much about who I am and my spirituality. My confidence is growing. My gratitude is growing. My levels of compassion, kindness, and love are growing.

At an event for Inspired by Sisters
At an event for Inspired by Sisters

And it doesn’t just end there! My husband and I both received the blessing of raises this year (woohoo!). Tanner is looking into re-starting an ebay business he really enjoyed doing part-time before he began working his current job at Honeywell. We are both reminding each other of our passions and hope to live a life which indulges in the things we love.

Then there are the simple things: a few of my herbs have started sprouting in my living room windows. Tanner and I are finding more moments to laugh together. We are enjoying more time with family. And there is less stress in our lives.

So, I ran to the store to buy a cheap bottle of bubbly for us to celebrate together. It was simple; however, acknowledging the little accomplishments (our raises and my first Etsy sale) is so important! It shows we are grateful for each other’s hard work and think our achievements are worth celebrating!


I encourage all of you to find celebration and gratitude for all the little and big successes of your lives. Whether you finally mastered that difficult yoga pose, made the first step towards your dream job, or you received recognition at work for something you’ve been working hard on… it all deserves praise! Not just the final step to accomplishing a goal, but the first step, and the one after that, and the ones halfway through. Celebrate by rejoicing in gratitude. And celebrate with others, especially loved ones. Appreciate their little successes too! Everyone deserves to have their own party!

I would love to hear about your current successes and the ways you celebrate! Comments are my favorite!

Love y’all! – Taryn xoxo

Celebrate with friends and family too! Check out this revolving sushi bar we enjoyed with my in-laws yesterday!
Celebrate with friends and family too! Check out this revolving sushi bar we enjoyed with my in-laws yesterday!