Motivational Monday: Live Life Laughing

“I think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence.” –

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend some time in Florida, marrying my childhood best friend, Ali,  to her other half, James. The wedding was casual, stress free, and beautiful. The sun was shining, the bride was glowing, and the groom had tears of joy as his young bride strutted down the aisle (and yes, I do mean strut). I had the biggest honor of filling two huge roles; the matron-of-honor and the wedding officiate. Let me tell you, being officiate is the best seat in the house! I got to witness the connection between them, the nerves, the flickering desire in each of their eyes, and the anticipating audiences coo over the first kiss. We bar-be-que’d, we partied on the beach, and we had a splendid evening celebrating young love.


However, this post is not about the wedding. This post is about the positive attitude of some incredible women I got to spend 5 days with in Florida.  Most of the weekend was picture perfect. I mean, there is always a little stress when a wedding is involved, but nearly the entire weekend went off without a hitch. Then came the storms on Monday.

The boys had plans of their own and it was a rainy day, no time for the beach. We spent the morning lounging around and decided to do what us girls do best: shop! Trouble is, Destin only has outside malls and it was not just drizzling… it was down pourin12122474_10203747192040770_6958409287886925717_ng. But that didn’t stop us! We spent the entire afternoon running in between stores, shopping our hearts out, laughing our asses off, and soaked to the bone. We kept receiving weather alerts on our phone, but we were too caught up in the fun. Plus, we are tough. Right?

We finally decide it is about time to head back to the condo we were staying at, which was less than 3 miles away from the mall. As we crept out onto the main road, we hit bumper to bumper traffic. We still weren’t worried, as we sent Snapchats of our shopping haul and dripping hair. Must be an accident ahead, we thought. We sang girl jams and giggled about our day.

However, we were wrong. Very wrong. There was no accident and this was no normal rainy day. This was a huge storm. In fact, it made national news that night. We started to realize this as the water on the road began to rise… In fact, the cars on the road ahead had water nearly halfway up their sides, the bottoms of the trucks were touching water, and there were TIDES ON THE ROAD. Not to mention, we were in Ali’s BMW convertible, which is not exactly the ideal vehicle for this kind of terrain. The water began to seep in the floorboards and we made the mutual decision that it was definitely time to get off the road, like ten minutes ago! We finally get12105934_10203747191800764_2017675776497847118_n over into the right lane and find a parking lot within our reach. The road dipped down a bit before we got into the parking lot, shooting water over the top of the car, and it doing so, killed the engine. We had to get out of the vehicle and push it into a parking spot. Of course, we were mostly worried about our precious new books in the truck of the car, so we decided to throw all our shopping bags into the car seats and head in doors…

We had the best of luck! Ali had pulled into a liquor store parking lot, which was the best of irony because it was her 21st birthday and we were just thankful she was allowed to go inside with us. We dried off, phoned the boys (multiple times, I might add) to come pick us up in the truck, and bought a bottle of wine to share. Well, mostly share. Ali had just shared the wonderful news that she was pregnant, so she did not get to join in the fun while we waited to be rescued.

Now I share this story for a few reasons. First, because it is hilarious and we will never forget this day together; but more importantly, because I was seriously impressed with these girls. Ali, Carissa, and Victoria are some bad ass ladies! No one complained. No one whined about their cold and wet clothing, their ruined makeup and hair, or having to push a vehicle in the rain. No one panicked or played the victim. No one argued or got upset or acted like a child.

We laughed!  And laughed and laughed and laughed. I remember one of the girls saying “there’s nothing to do but laugh.” As true as that felt in the moment, I reflected later about how few people would have actually had that reaction. There are plenty of things to do other than laugh, as I described up above. However, we didn’t let anything ruin our good time together or Ali’s birthday and wedding weekend. We made the best of the situation and didn’t dwell on all the things that went wrong or could have gone worse.

I wish this was the reaction I always have when things don’t go according to plan. I have a lot of attitude adjustments to work on and I’m so thankful these beautiful girls were around to remind each other of that. Life is short and it should be full of laughter and love for each other, not stress and selfishness. I love you girls and I am so thankful I was reminded to life with positive vibes. I hope each of you can do the same.

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Happy Monday y’all 🙂 – Taryn

Update: From Burnt Out to On Fire!

“Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire” – St. Catherine of Sienna

I am so excited to give you all an update on how I have been doing since my posted titled: Confession, I am burnt outI had such an out pour of support from family, good friends, and acquaintances and I felt so loved and understood. Getting everything off my stress and admitting how I felt really gave me the courage and motivation to lay it all out and let it all go. I did not beat myself up or let shame dwell inside me; I simply walked away. I thank you all for letting me use this as a platform for my transformation.

It’s been a few weeks, so obviously, life isn’t perfectly transformed. However, I feel so different. I feel excited for the future and eager to grab a hold of every opportunity that crosses my path. Let me tell ya, that’s huge improvement!


I read this great article today: 10 Simple Act of Radical Self-Care by Mind Body Green. I just read this a few hours ago, but it perfectly sums up some of the commitments I have made to myself and it is a good read for anyone needing some motivation. (It is funny; just last week I had a co-worker tell me that the concept of “self-love” was for hippies, so I have been sharing these articles with her. This one is perfect)

#6 on the list has been HUGE for me! It isn’t just about forgiving myself, it’s about letting go of my high expectations. Can I tell you something crazy? As soon as I let go of my desire to complete my yoga teacher training by the end of this year, it suddenly became possible. Letting go of the expectation removed the negative energy I had directed at my yoga homework and practice. Now, I am eager to get homework done and learn more things. I have stopped finding excuses for why I can’t get things done or try something new and I am finding many reasons for why I can and should! I feel like I am on fire about yoga again, especially after taking the time to expand my horizons and try something new: acro yoga! I am in love!



Another major practice I have implemented into my life is meditation (#1 on the Mind Body Green list). Not that I never meditated before, but I never made it a priority. I meditated maybe once a week, and felt terribly guilty about how terrible I was for not being yogi enough. Again, as soon as I let go of that expectation and reminded myself that it is just as important as brushing my  teeth in the morning, it became easier. I’m not gonna say I have sat down every morning, but almost!

Changing my perspective about everything has been such a game changer for me. I am working hard to remove negative words from my vocabulary and find the good in my life. I am practicing gratitude and acceptance. I am putting my health first, because I can’t take care of anyone else if I am not taking care of myself.

However, I swear the best change I have made is #10 on the list: Do what you LOVE. It is such a simple concept, but it is making such a difference in my life. Let me give you some examples of the silly, fun, and positive activities I have been adding to my life:

Audio books: I feel sad about the lack of time in my life to sit down and read a book, but audio books are perfect for my long drives. I am absolutely in love with Amazon’s Audible membership. I suggest reading Brene Brown. Her audio book The Power of Vulnerability is just amazing!

Singing and dancing: If I am not listening to an audiobook in the car, I am singing. AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS! I am jamming to Glee, passionately bellowing love songs (to myself!), and my animation goes through the roof when I start playing my Disney tunes. I am not embarrassed by passer-byers, I am thriving in my courage to do whatever the f*** I want! (safely of course!) I also dance in the kitchen and sing to my dogs, which I think really annoys them…

Doodling and journaling: About nothing, about everything, zentangles, alphabets, you name its.

Smiling. For. No. Reason.

Calling friends: This is one of my all time favorite activities, as most of my friends are really far away.

Baking. New Recipes. Documentaries. The list goes on and one. Actually, I have made myself a fun list of things I can do when I need a pick-me-up:


I wish I could explain to everyone how different I feel. I hope you can hear a change of tone in my writing, as those around me are seeing. I even had a fellow classmate tell me I was “glowing love and happiness” the other day. Who? ME? YES!!! I am dreaming. I am making goals. I am optimistic. I feel connected with my husband more than I have in months. I feel confident. I hope you are all feeling confident too. Radical self-care is soooo important!

I love you all. Keep dreaming and keep doing the silly things you love.

xoxo Taryn