Weekend Fun: Puppy Party

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” ~ Tim Cahill

Tanner and I were so lucky to share a unique experience with our lab, Wesley, this weekend. Wesley’s breeder had a great idea to bring together Wesley’s litter and his parents to have a party together! This was an opportunity for Wesley that we simply could not miss. Saturday, we loaded up the truck with the pooch and a pot luck item (yummy guacamole) and headed an hour south of us to join the fun.

On our way!
On our way!

Holy labs! There were eight adult labs total and a little puppy from the breeder’s new litter. Thankfully, the new puppy already had an owner because Tanner was dying to take the little one home with us.

Puppies and babies. Can’t get any cuter

Tug-a-war, keep-away, laps in the pool, and more! The dogs all got along so well and it was such a good time for us to sit back with other owners and compare stories. Thank heavens we are not alone in our puppy chaos! For instance, our dog is not the only one who likes to shred the recycling all over the backyard or eat firewood. Wesley is not the only one who likes to jump around on the bed while trying to put on new sheets. And, he’s not the only one who doesn’t believe in behaving at home, but acts polite at other people’s homes.


We feel so blessed to have such an incredible joy in our life. Wesley has really helped us to feel like a family, so I am thankful to do things for him. He was so happy to play with friends and lead the pack. We couldn’t stop smiling at our charming, little goofball! (well, maybe not so little; he is the tallest out of all the dogs)


Honestly, the best part of the party was getting the energy out of him. Wesley slept for the rest of the weekend, letting momma get some cleaning and cooking done!


I would love to hear about fun ways y’all spoil your pets! New ideas are always welcome in our home.

Xoxo Taryn

Our yoga class on Halloween :)
Our yoga class on Halloween 🙂