Country Thunder Meal Plan

We survived! (Country Thunder AZ that is)


The last few weeks have been dedicated to Country Thunder preparations and having a blast with my hubby and close friends. Preparations for this mega event each year is always time consuming for me. I am always in charge of the camp site, including meals, camping supplies, and making sure all the newbies truly know what they are in for.

We spend about five (drunken) days in the desert with no electricity, water, etc. I LOVE it! But I know it can be pretty stressful for others who don’t enjoy the prep work as much as I do. The food is the most important aspect to me. I meal plan, prep food ahead of time, freeze as much as a can, and pack the coolers strategically. The best solution I have found for feeling the food cold for five days is by layering the bottom of the cooler with block ice, adding a layer of the frozen food, and then everything else on top. I kept a separate cooler for items that did not need to be cold but could not get too hot, such as cookies, muffins, bins ,etc. I had a frozen gallon of water in the cooler which was enough to keep everything cool throughout the weekend.

BeFunky Collage

Another awesome trick I discovered this year is aluminum Dutch Oven liners! These beauties saved a lot of time because I was able to make meals ahead of time, freeze them, and all I would have to do is defrost the meal and throw it in the Dutch oven. When dinner was complete, I could simply remove the liner and the oven was still clean! No scrubbing!

Here was my extensive meal plan (for 7 people):

Day One: Dinner Only – Sausage and Potatoes 

Day Two:  Breakfast – Breakfast burritos, Lunch – Burgers, dogs, and sides (pasta salad, chips, beans, etc.), Dinner – Chili & cornbread

Day Three: Breakfast – Breakfast casserole, Lunch – Burrito Bowls, Dinner – Chicken, steak, & veggie kabobs

Day Four: Breakfast – Breakfast burritos, Lunch – Buffalo Chicken Salad Wraps, Dinner – Green chile chicken enchiladas

Day Five: Breakfast – Crunchy Eggs, Lunch – Burgers, dogs, and sides, Dinner – BBQ chicken and potatoes

Other food, snacks, and desserts: cereal/protein bars, muffins, fruit, coffee (& creamer), tea & cocoa, chips & dips, cookies, snack mixes, etc.



Everyone raved about the food, which is my favorite part about hosting. The appreciation makes all the hard work worth it!

Interested in my personal packing list? Click here! (This list does not include the camping and cooking supplies)

So Country Thunder is a drunken, crazy time. However, I am so thankful that it has become a place for my husband and I to reconnect. We get to leave the worries of the real world behind for a little bit and fall in love all over again. I am blessed to spend the time with him, no matter how crazy it may get!


xoxo Taryn

Fishing Trip to the White Mountains

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.” ~ Peace Pilgrim – 

Hey y’all! Just got back into town yesterday afternoon from my weekend fishing trip with my hubby, Tanner, my father-in-law, Todd, and Wesley. I was hoping to make a post yesterday, but I was too busy unpacking, cleaning, and finally getting a nice shower! I love camping and not having to worry about make up and brushing my hair for a few days, but seriously: a shower is the absolute best feeling after a weekend in the woods!

I don’t have time for a long post today, so I made a quick collage of photos of the trip and videos of Wesley enjoying the water. Taking a dog for the first time was quite an experience, but I think we have the hang of it for next time. Check out the weekend recap video:

It was such a nice trip, even though I had to work on teacher training homework and we didn’t catch much! 

Yes, I snapchat while camping...
Yes, I snapchat while camping…

The quality time we got to spend together was fantastic and I truly feel like I was able to bond with my dog on a whole new level. He really did not do well with the cold, so at night he would snuggle up right in between me and Tanner, pressed into the heat of our bodies. The innocence of his energy was so sweet and, of course, warm! I cannot wait to bring him again sometime. 

My views during nap time
My views during nap time

Wednesday or Thursday this week, I will be posting a recap of the weekend meals and recipes! Make sure to stop back by for some of my all time favorite camping meals! 

xoxo Taryn